Lady Gaga won't tone down
her shows, manager says

Lady Gaga's Jakarta gig on June 3 is still up in the air, pending a permit from the Indonesian police. Even her manager, Troy Carter, does not know if it will take place as scheduled. What he can reveal is that the singer will not water down her shows.

In response to the religious groups in South Korea, the Philippines and Indonesia who protested against her concerts and denounced her music as being blasphemous as well as promoting promiscuity and homosexuality, Carter says she would rather not play a show than play a censored version.

He was a keynote speaker on Thursday at the ongoing Music Matters 2012 conference, an annual gathering of global music industry players, held at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore.

"We play the show as it is, it's a very specific show to a very specific audience," he said. "Truth be told, she's not up there nude, she's not doing anything provocative for the sake of being provocative."

He added that the protests in Jakarta were about issues bigger than just Lady Gaga playing in Indonesia.

"You're dealing with a few different things, you are dealing with politics, because it's things happening on a governmental level, you're dealing with religion so it's a little bit more complicated than changing her outfit."

Still, he was quick to clarify that she is respectful of different cultures: 'If Gaga is going to play for 12-year-olds at a Bar Mitzvah, she is not going to do certain things. So that just comes with a matter of respect.'

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