Soldier stabbed to death
in Papua


A member of the Indonesian Military (TNI) has been stabbed to death after being attacked by an angry mob in Wamena, Jayawijaya regency in Papua on Wednesday afternoon local time.

Papua Military Command spokesman Col. Ali Hamdan Bogra said First Pvt. Ahmad Sahlan and his colleague, Sgt. Parloi Pardede, were attacked by residents of Honai Lama after the two men almost hit a child while driving a motorcycle in the region.

Sahlan died instantly at the scene after suffering stab wounds to his chest, while Pardede, who was also stabbed in the chest, was rushed to Wamena Hospital in critical condition.

“The perpetrators are still unknown … we will try to resolve this case amicably with Wamena's residents,” Ali Hamdan said as quoted by tempo.co.

Meanwhile, Jayawijaya's tribal council chairman, Lemok Mabel, said the situation in Wamena was still chaotic after the incident, adding that several military officers had raided residents’ homes, causing them to flee the area.

He urged the government to step in and protect civilians, alleging that several homes had already been razed by military officers. (asa)

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