Bandung to build cable
car system

The Bandung city administration and PT Aditya Dharmaputra Persada announced on Tuesday a plan to build a 2-kilometer Bandung Sky Bridge cable car to help alleviate traffic congestion in the West Java provincial capital.

“The construction of the cable car linking Jl. Pasteur and Jl. Siliwangi has been included in the Bandung city transportation master plan,” Bandung City Transportation Agency acting chief Ubad Bachtiar said. “The cable car will use 55 gondolas.”

“We project the project will assist an integrated mass transportation system and reduce congestion in Bandung.”

The cable car construction will complement a planned monorail which is currently still being studied.

PT Aditya Dharmaputra Persada president director Sanjaya Susilo said the cable car would be able to carry 4,800 people in both directions in one hour.

“The figure is equal to reducing 1,200 vehicles on the street,” he said.

Sanjaya said his company would cooperate with Austrian technology provider Doppelmayr, which has installed some 14,000 units in more than 80 countries.

“Let’s hope this facility could become a significant network to reduce traffic congestion in Bandung,” he said.

He added that the required investment was between US$6 million to $7million per kilometer, excluding land acquisition.

“We will sign a contract with Doppelmayr in July while the city administration is working on all necessary permits and licenses,” he said.

Doppelmayr offers an unmanned, automated people mover (APM) system using ropeway technology in which the cable provides the traction. A typical system would consist of four-car trains on an elevated guide way. There are also, however, systems using as many as five and six cars per train. (nvn)

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