Women protest against subway's
dress code

Some women in Shanghai were outraged over the weekend about the Shanghai Metro asking them on a micro blog to wear more clothing in public.

The blog attracted opposition from women, some of whom held signs and protested against the blog's comments in the Shanghai subway on Sunday, Shandong Business Daily reported.

Shanghai No 2 Subway Co published a micro blog attached with an image on Sina Weibo, saying it's not surprising for women to be harassed in the subway if they are wearing revealing clothing and called on women to cherish themselves.

The blog post attracted much opposition from netizens and some commented by saying a women's choice to wear what she chooses can not be an excuse for sexual harassment.

"According to this logic, all men can harass women in swimming pools?" wrote netizen Dajiangjoejiu.

But still some supported the metro's blog post and said it's common sense and public ethic to dress conservatively in public places.

"Some young women wear miniskirts or low-cut shirts and make some men dream away or even conduct sexual harassment. Besides criticizing the men, shouldn't the women reflect on their physical signal?" Was one comment left on the blog.

As the debate goes on, two young women covered their faces and held signs to protest against the Shanghai metro's speech in subway Line 2 on Sunday.

Their signs said "I can be sexy, but you can not harass," and "yes to cool dress, no to dirty man".

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