E. Nusa Tenggara food agency
confiscates out-of-date

East Nusa Tenggara Food and Drug Agency (POM) has confiscated and will destroy at least 270 items of out-of-date food and beverages found in an operation ahead of the upcoming Idul Fitri celebration.

“The operation was conducted to guarantee consumer safety during the Idul Fitri festival,” the agency’s head, Ruth Diana Laiskodat, told The Jakarta Post on Wednesday.

“Before Ramadhan, POM also conducted raids and found several kinds of out-of-date foods and beverages. Unfortunately in the lead up to Idul Fitri, there is still quite a lot about. We fully regret this,” she added.

The most common types of confiscated out-of-date foodstuffs were milk, noodles, seasonings, sesame oil and several snacks. The agency says it will keep on conducting raids to clear the market of such items.

“We have yet to raid all of the shops and supermarkets in the city,” Laikodat said, adding that the evidence would be destroyed in the near future.

Shop and supermarket owners caught selling out-of-date food would be given a warning and guidance to immediately destroy any such commodities.

“Law No.7/2006 on food stipulates that the offenders could get a four-year prison sentence,” she said. (fzm)

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