Food poisoning strikes
30 inmates in Batam Prison

About 30 inmates in Balerang Prison, Bantem, suffered food poisoning after consuming their breaking of the fast dinner, the penitentiary head said on Thursday.

The day before, all inmates of Balerang had taken part in an event hosted by a non-government organization named Riau’s Moral Society Movement (GMPAM).

The organization, chaired by councilor Aida Zulaikah Nasution, provided 1,000 meals

Several inmates vomited after eating the meals and were rushed to the penitentiary’s clinic for treatment.

“We suspect that it was caused by food poisoning. A medical team is still examining the inmates. To be sure of the cause, we will carry out a lab analysis,” said the penitentiary head Sutrisman.

On Thursday, Balerang’s inmates are still lining up to be examined by the clinic’s staff.

Aida, who hosted the event, could not be reach for comment. (yps/iwa)

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