Court asks applicants to
revise papers in judicial
review of KPK law

The Constitutional Court demanded on Thursday that applicants who had filed a request with the court for a judicial review of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) law improve their paperwork as the documents were incomplete.

“The documents for our consideration must be revised so that it is clearer for us to decide,” presiding Constitutional Court Justice Maria Farida Indrati said on Thursday in the first session of the review, Antara News Agency reported.

The court opened the session on a review to Article 50 section 3 of Law No.30/2002 on the KPK, in relation to the KPK's investigation into the driving simulator graft case which the police are also probing.

The review request was submitted by three advocates, Habiburokhman, M. Maulana Bungaran and Munathsir Mustaman. They argued that there had been an overlap in the investigation with two investigating bodies involved.

Justice Maria said that the papers had yet to explain whose and what constitutional rights were infringed by the article.

Habiburokhman said he and the team were ready to amend the documents, commenting that the court had substantially accepted the review application.

“The panel of judges has said that the law clearly stipulates that if a corruption case has been under investigation by the KPK, then it should only be under the KPK's authority. Even if our request for a review is rejected, it's clear enough that the driving simulator graft case should only be investigated by the KPK," he said.

The driving simulator case has become a high-profile case since the KPK named two active-duty police generals as suspects. The state allegedly lost Rp 100 billion (US$10.5 million) due to fraudulent practices in the procurement of driving simulators by the Police Traffic Corps in 2011. (fzm/swd)

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