SBY opens investment day
at Wall Street

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono opened the first-ever Indonesia Investment Day in New York, the US, on Monday local time (Tuesday in Jakarta), which was attended by dozens of top American businesspeople.

In the event at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), commonly referred to as Wall Street, Yudhoyono emphasized the large, untapped potential of Indonesia's natural resources.

"Our natural resources are not only abundant, they are also diversified. You can find almost everything in Indonesia: oil and gas, coal, geothermal energy, tin, copper, nickel, aluminum, bauxite, iron, cacao, coffee. When it comes to oil, we have oil underground, under the sea and even above the ground: palm oil," Yudhoyono said, earning a round of laughter from the audience.

Before opening the event, the President had a short meeting with NYSE CEO Duncan L Niederaur.

Prior to Yudhoyono's address, Indonesian Ambassador to the US Dino Patti Djalal also made remarks.

"This forum contains so many interesting and exciting agenda items. So, today, Indonesia occupies Wall Street [...] although, only until noon," Dino said to the laughter of the audience.

Niederaur's took the podium after Dino, saying, "To be honest, we are glad to be occupied by Indonesia. Maybe next time you can have the whole day, or please come again tomorrow."

While the event carried on, dozens of activists staged protests near the NYSE building. They aimed to "occupy" Wall Street, which they said had created problems for third-world countries, in an extension of the high-profile anti-capitalism protests of Sept. 2011. (swd)

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