Facebook kidnap teen avoiding
trafficking to Batam: lawyer

The lawyer of SAS, the 14-year-old Bogor girl who was kidnapped and raped, says that his client’s captors intended to sell her to traffickers in Batam.

The girl’s alleged captor, identified as Catur Sugiarto, was a public minivan who seduced young girls online, lawyer Dwi Handy Pardede said.

Catur moved SAS three times in Bogor to avoid the police, Dwi said. He raped SAS, threatened kill her and made her have sex with other men under the influence of alcohol before releasing her at the Depok bus terminal.

“We alleged that SAS would have been sold to Batam, but [Catur] canceled his plan because the media blew up the incident.” Dwi said.

Police say that Catur Sugiarto is on their list of recidivist offenders as was incarcerated for drugs and theft convictions, among other offenses. (cor/swd)

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