Merck invests $21m in East
Java factory

American pharmaceutical giant Merck Sharp and Dohme (MSD) opened its new packaging factory, worth US$21 million, in Pandaan, Pasuruan, East Java, on Tuesday.

The 4,900 square-meter factory will produce packages for medicines in relation to infections, cardiovascular issues, hypertension, respiratory issues, oncology and diabetic issues.

Asia Pacific MSD president Patrick Bergstedt said at the factory's launch that the company saw a big opportunity in the Asian region's economic growth, especially in Indonesia.

“We realize that the crisis in Europe does not significantly affect the Asian market, in which purchasing power and consumption of medicine keeps increasing,” he told reporters.

Around 75 percent of the products produced in Pandaan will be exported while the other 25 percent will serve the domestic market.

According Health Ministry data, there are currently 208 pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia, with 33 of them foreign companies. (cor/lfr)

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