Judge arrested for drug

National Narcotics Agency (BNN) personnel caught a judge from the Bekasi District Court while he allegedly consumed drugs in a karaoke room at the Illigals Hotel and Club in West Jakarta on Tuesday evening.

The BNN's eradication division deputy chief, Ins. Gen. Benny Jozua Mamoto, said BNN officers apprehended the judge, identified only by his initials PW, and two other guests, while they were singing with four entertainers. The officers confiscated a number of ecstasy pills and shabu-shabu (crystal methamphetamine) from the judge and his friends as evidence.

Benny said the judge had been under BNN surveillance for some time.

The BNN received a tip-off that PW and his friends were consuming narcotics in the karaoke room, after which BNN personnel were immediately deployed to apprehend them, Benny said as reported by kompas.com.

Judicial Commission chairman Eman Suparman said the commission had reported the judge five times over his "negative attitude", including consuming drugs. He called for the Supreme Court to fire PW if he was proven guilty.

Supreme Court spokesman Djoko Sarwoko said Bandung District Court had replaced PW with another judge at Bekasi District Court.

He said the troubled judge, who had been transferred several times in his career due to personal problems, would be dismissed if he was found guilty in this case. (cor/iwa)

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