Jambi zoo to welcome new

Taman Rimbo zoo in Jambi will welcome new family members this Christmas: a pair of lions.

Taman Rimbo zoo head Adrianis said that the lions, which are coming from Taman Safari zoo in Bogor, West Java, would be exchanged for Taman Rimbo’s Sumatran tigers.

“The lions will be exchanged with Siemat, a tiger that was recently saved froma trap, and Lala, a Sumatran tiger cub which was found by local residents in Muaro Jambi regency,” he said, adding that the zoo already had eight tigers.

An unused orangutan enclosure in the zoo will be the new home for the lions, he added.

“The enclosure has never been used since it was completed because we have not yet brought in orangutans. So, we will redesign it so that it can accommodate the lions,” he said.

Adrianis did not know the exact date of the new lions’ arrival, however, “I ensure that the lions will be here before the Christmas holiday,” he said as quoted by tribunnews.com. (swd)

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