Former Buol Regent faces
multiple charges

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) prosecutors on Thursday indicted former Buol Regent, Amran Batalipu, with multiple charges that could see him face a maximum 20-years imprisonment should he be proven guilty of accepting bribes related to the issuance of business permits to palm oil plantations.

The prosecutors charged Amran under Article 12a of the Anti-Corruption Law on bribery as his primary indictment. They also accused him of violating Article 5 on bribery and Article 11 on gratuity of the same law.

“We demand that the panel of judges declare the defendant [Amran] guilty as charged and sentence him to 20 years in prison,” prosecutor Irene said as he read out the indictment at the Jakarta Corruption Court on Thursday.

Amran, a Golkar politician, was accused of accepting Rp 3 billion (US$315,000) from Chief Director of PT Hardaya Inti Plantation (HIP) Siti Hartati Murdaya and her subordinates at HIP Totok Lestiyo, Yani Anshori, and Gondo Sudjono.

The bribe was allegedly given in exchange for the issuance of a business permit for Hartati’s companies to operate on 4,500-hectares of land in Buol, Central Sulawesi, as they initially obtained a permit to operate only on 2,200-hectares of land.

Amran was forcefully arrested on July 6 at his residence in Leok I Village in Buol.(rad/iwa)

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