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Comments: Orangutan found
with 104 bullets in its

Oct. 24, Online

A male orangutan named Aan was found dying with 104 bullets lodged all over his body in Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan.

When scanning the ape, doctors from the Orangutan Foundation found 37 bullets in his head and 67 others in his body, including in his heart and lungs.

The doctors predicted that Aan was also suffering from infections derived from the wounds, tempo.co reported on Wednesday.

Zulfiqri, a doctor treating Aan, said that the infections may have caused his death. The bullets caused vision and hearing impairment.

“He was already blind in his left eye,” he said.

Your comments:

Why pick on a defenseless creature? What has he done to you to deserve that many bullets?


Should The Creator decide to totally demolish planet Earth and all of its inhabitants because of the inhumane and brutal behavior of several heartless humans, then we, all of humanity, rightfully deserve that fate — because we don’t do enough to protect nature and our fellow primates, the orangutans.

Dear Aan, Zulfiqri, a doctor treating you, said that the infections may have caused your death.

This is confusing, as a sentence following this one mentioned that you may still be alive.

Please forgive us humans for treating you so terribly. I know you’ll find this hard to believe, but really, not all humans are so cruel.

I hope The Good Creator decides, in His wisdom, what is best for you, dear Aan.

You certainly deserve a place that is full of love, happiness and peace.


They should be ashamed of themselves, the orangutans where there first, support Palm oil = destruction of the orangutans natural habitat, however, the government doesn’t care.


Get well soon! I hope we can grow aware of orangutans.

They also have a right to live in this world. They only live in Indonesia. Save orangutans!

Aries Utomo

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