Surakarta to hold Javanese
theatrical festival

The Surakarta Culture and Tourism Agency will hold a Javanese theatrical festival at the Joglo house in Sriwedari Cultural Park in Surakarta, Central Java, from Friday to Sunday.

Committee chairman Pamuji said Thursday that 11 theater groups, several of whom were groups from senior high schools, would perform Javanese-language dramas and comedies during the event.

“The scripts can be originally written in Javanese or translated,” he said, adding that not many theatrical groups specialized in performances in the local language.

Surakarta Tourism and Culture Agency head Widdi Sri Hanto said he did not expect the festival would attract many tourists.

“The purpose of the program is purely to preserve the Javanese language,” Widdi said, as quoted by tempo.co.

The agency also did not promote the show outside the city because of the language barrier. “The shows are in Javanese. It will be useless if we promote them in non-Javanese regions,” Widdi added. (cor/iwa)

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