Indonesian migrant worker
allegedly gang-raped by
Malaysian police officers

Three Malaysian police officers have allegedly gang-raped a 25-year-old Indonesian female migrant worker, says Migrant Care executive director Anis Hidayah on Sunday.

The incident occurred on Friday when the woman, identified only by her initial, S, was taken by the officers to the Prai police station in Penang, Malaysia, for not having her passport while she was in a taxi on her way home to Taman Inderawasih, Prai, Anis said as quoted by tempo.co.

The three policemen then reportedly took turns raping the woman at the station, after she begged the officers to release her.

Bukit Mertajam Barisan Nasional coordinator Lau Chiek Tuan said that the victim was threatened by the police officers and ordered not to tell anyone about the incident.

The victim, however, summoned the courage to report the case to the police on Friday, he said.

Lau added that the victim claimed that she had heard about similar cases happening to other women before this.

The perpetrators, meanwhile, have been remanded since Friday by the Bukit Mertajam magistrate’s court, according to Penang Police chief Deputy Comr. Datuk Abdul Rahim Hanafi.

He added that the police would conduct a thorough investigation into the case.

Anis, whose organization provides legal advocacy for Indonesian migrant workers, meanwhile said that the Indonesian Consulate General Offices in Malaysia was fully informed about the incident. (han/iwa)

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