Cabinet secretary reports
3 ministries to KPK

Cabinet secretary Dipo Alam visited the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) late Wednesday and submitted reports of alleged budget mark-ups within three ministries that he received from a number of civil servants earlier this month.

“I submit this report to the KPK because the Cabinet is not a law enforcement institution. I think we have enough momentum now as civil servants have the courage to report dishonest practices,” he told reporters after handing over the reports to the KPK.

He assured that the reports came from civil servants, “We [the Cabinet secretary] have studied the reports and crosschecked the information.”

Dipo, however, refused to name the three ministries.

Earlier, the Cabinet secretary circulated a decree, SE-542/Seskab/IX/2012, to civil servants working at ministries, which urges the civil servants to report any corrupt practices found in their own institutions.

A number of civil servants apparently responded to the decree by submitting reports of alleged corruption between House of Representatives members and several executives of state-owned enterprises. (lfr)

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