Dipo files new report with

Cabinet secretary Dipo Alam filed a report late on Wednesday with the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), alleging that budget mark-ups had been committed in three ministries.

Dipo based his report on a complaint lodged with his office by a group of civil servants earlier this month.

“I submitted this report to the KPK because the Cabinet is not a law enforcement institution. I think we have good momentum now that civil servants have the courage to file complaints against dishonest practices,” he told reporters.

Dipo said that he had looked into the complaints and verified them.

“I have studied the claims and I’ve cross-checked the information.”

Dipo, however, declined to reveal the identity of the three ministries in question.

Earlier, Dipo had issued a circular urging government workers to file a report on any corrupt practices in their own institutions.

He said that following the issuance of the circular, a number of civil servants submitted reports regarding collusion between members of the House of Representatives and several executives of state-owned enterprises.

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