Blue Bird to go overseas
in 2014

Indonesia’s largest taxi operator, the Blue Bird Group, which operates the Blue Bird brand of taxis, planned to expand its business overseas starting in 2014, the company’s president director, Purnomo Prawiro, said on Monday.

Blue Bird would collaborate with local companies in foreign countries to enter their markets, he said as quoted by tempo.co.

The countries that the taxi operator has been eyeing were Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, according to the company’s vice president for business development, Noni Purnomo,

The company had even received an invitation from the government of the Philippines to study the taxi market in the country, she added,

The planned expansion, however, would not be easy as the company had first to study the cultures in the target countries, said Purnomo.

“Their cultures are all different, one from the other,” he said. (han/swd)

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