Depok mayor urges unemployed
to find jobs overseas

While Indonesia’s unemployment rate continues to decline, having fallen to its current rate of 6.14 percent almost half of its record high of 11.24 percent in 2005, the unemployment rate in Depok, West Java, remains high at 8.3 percent.

Faced with such a problem, Depok Mayor Nur Mahmudi Isma’il has urged the unemployed to look for jobs overseas if they cannot find work in the city.

“But don’t be domestic helpers in foreign countries either,” he said at the opening of “West Java on an exodus” job fair in which 50 companies participated at Depok City Hall on Monday.

Therefore, Nur called on the jobless to equip themselves with the necessary skills to increase their competitiveness and raise their income.

According to him, Depok’s unemployment rate tends to increase as the city, located on the outskirts of Indonesia’s capital of Jakarta, has seen its urbanization rate grow from 3 percent to 4.2 percent.

“The urbanization rate in Depok is much higher than the country’s rate of 1.7 percent. And thus, we have to show our concerns in dealing with this problem,” Nur said.

The job fair in Depok is the latest in a series of job fairs aiming to provide overseas job opportunities to the unemployed in West Java. The first job fair was held in Karawang regency from Oct. 24 to Oct. 25, followed by Bogor from Nov. 8 to Nov. 9 and Sukabumi from Nov. 22 to Nov. 23.

Besides bringing together job seekers and potential employers, the job fairs also offer training for those looking for jobs in foreign countries. (han/swd)

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