Governor asks PT Jakarta
Monorail, Adhi Karya to
team up on monorail project

Jakarta Governor Joko “Jokowi” Widodo on Friday asked developer PT Jakarta Monorail and state-owned construction firm PT Adhi Karya to join their bids to revive the monorail project.

Jokowi said Friday that the their collaboration will speed up the construction of monorail project, which had been called off last year.

"Please collaborate," he said. “We have to move fast in this project. Don't delay it again for it will give us bad image."

Both Adhi Karya and Jakarta Monorail have recently offered their proposal for reviving the halted project to the governor.

Adhi Karya, used to hold a 7.5 percent stake at Jakarta Monorail, now leads a consortium comprises of state toll road operator PT Jasa Marga, state electricity firm PT PLN, state-owned PT Bank Mandiri, state train builder PT Inka, electronic components maker PT LEN Industry and state-owned telecommunications firm PT Telkom.

Jakarta Monorail, meanwhile, forms a consortium with other private companies.

The monorail project began in 2004 but halted four years later as Jakarta Monorail experienced legal and financial problems. Former Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo called off the project in 2011.

Adhi Karya then decided to terminate its cooperation with Jakarta Monorail.

Adhi Karya president director Kiswodarmawan said that his company would not form cooperation with Jakarta Monorail this time. “We cannot work with private companies. We collaborated [with Jakarta Monorail] once, but it did not work,” he said as quoted by tempo.co.  

Jokowi said that he would discuss with both companies to seek the possibility of them to cooperate within one consortium. (cor/lfr)

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