No FIFA sanctions for PSSI,
for now

World soccer ruling body FIFA has spared the Indonesian Soccer Association (PSSI) from punishment but has ordered the association to settle its rivalry with the Indonesian Soccer Rescue Committee (KPSI) before March 30 next year.

The FIFA ruling was announced during an executive committee meeting in Japan on Friday, despite the PSSI’s failure to meet the deadline to end its dispute with the KPSI this week.

FIFA was leaving the rivalry case for its subordinate Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to handle, tribunnews.com reported.

FIFA initially gave Monday as the deadline for the conflicting parties to stage a national congress to settle key issues, including the existence of two separate soccer leagues and federations, a review of PSSI statutes and the reinstatement of four expelled executive committee members: La Nyalla, Tony Apriliani, Erwin Dwi Budiawan and Roberto Rouw.

However, both camps staged separate national congresses on Monday, with the PSSI deciding to reinstate the four committee members but only if the four delivered apologies to the association within a month.

The four were expelled from the committee last year for “ethical violations”. La Nyalla had previously said he would never apologize to the PSSI.

The PSSI's internal conflict began after FIFA removed Nurdin Halid from his position as PSSI chairman in April 2011. The PSSI congress, held soon after his removal, failed to elect new executives due to a decision deadlock.

During the PSSI’s extraordinary congress in Surakarta in July 2011, the association elected Djohar Arifin Husin as its chairman but some members objected to the decision. The disgruntled members then formed the KPSI and elected La Nyalla as its chairman. (han)

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