Bird flu claims another
life in Bogor

The Health Ministry announced on Monday that bird flu was the cause of death of a 4-year-old boy from Parung Panjang in Bogor, West Java. The victim, identified by initials IT, was the 10th person in the country to die from bird flu in 2012.

IT had suffered from high fever since Nov. 30. He was taken to a doctor and a private hospital but his condition showed no improvement. He was taken to Tangerang General Hospital in Banten province on Dec. 6, where he was declared infected by avian influenza.

After conducting an epidemiological research and field examinations, the ministry said that IT might have been infected by the virus through a duck’s remains that were found around his house.

With the new case, a total of 192 instances of bird flu have occurred in Indonesia and have caused 160 fatalities since 2005. (cor/lfr)

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