Regent Aceng guilty of
illegal marriage, says
Garut DPRD

Aceng Fikri: (JP)
Aceng Fikri: (JP)

Garut Regent Aceng Fikri has been found guilty for violating multiple laws for marrying a 17-year-old girl, identified only as FO, in an unregistered Islamic marriage ceremony in July, the Garut Legislative Council (DPRD) said on Wednesday.

Aceng breached Law No. 1/1974 on marriage for failing to register his nuptial, the head of the council’s special committee on the case, Asep Lesmana Ahlan, said during a plenary meeting.

The unregistered marriage also went through without the consent of the regent’s wife, Nurrohimah, with whom he has three children, he said.

As a married man, Aceng also had to get permission from the Regional Court before he could practice polygamy, Asep added.

The last regulation that Aceng violated was Law No. 39/1974, which stipulates that a man must divorce his wife before the court only after a mediation attempt by the court failed, according to him.

Aceng, however, divorced FO via text message four days after the marriage, citing that he was disappointed after finding out that the bride was not a virgin.

The findings by the special committee will be handed over to the Home Ministry, said Asep. (han/iwa)

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