Rudi Hadisuwarno: Fan of
big inventors

Rudi Hadisuwarno has been a household name in hairdressing for over 40 years. His beauty parlors have served middle- to high class customers, while his schools have trained many hairdressers. The 63-year-old just unleashed the latest hair sensation for 2013, “Gorgeous”.

Rudi was raised in Pekalongan, a small town in Central Java, by a mother who ran a small salon and a father who was a chemical consultant in a batik factory. They gave him inspiration and courage to pursue his dream. A book given as a gift to little Rudi by his father, continues to inspire him, even until today.

Autobiography book on famous inventors

When I was in the elementary school, my father gave me a book of biographies of famous inventors. Two inventors that stick to my mind are Albert Einstein and Thomas Alva Edison. I read many books, but somehow that book from my childhood is the one that is the closest to my heart. It has influenced me so much that I always try to look for something new every year. One of the milestones was when I invented cream bath in 1970s, which was not a trend I brought from abroad.

Fiction books on politics

I barely pay attention to the name of authors and usually just focus on the content of the books. I remember one book about Israel and Palestine that captured my attention. It was quite a serious book, but I like it. I think we need to read some serious stuff to make a balance.

Gatra and Tempo magazines

I like to observe the development of politics in the country. Gatra and Tempo are main sources of information for me. I have been reading them for a long time since I was in high school. I prefer them than light magazines because I am very interested in stories about life and social problems.

 — JP/Indah Setiawati

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