BNN thwarts attempt smuggling
of crystal meth sent via

While most people giving up the traditional way of sending letters and packages via post office, drug dealers are thinking the other way around.

National Narcotics Agency (BNN) has foiled an attempt to smuggle a kilogram of crystal methamphetamine, locally known as shabu-shabu, via post office.

“The 1,015 grams of shabu-shabu was sent from Mumbai, India,” BNN spokesman Sr. Comr. Sumirat said on Friday as quoted by tempo.co.

The BNN received a report of the suspicious package from customs and excise officers at the Central Post Office in Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta on Dec. 28. The next day BNN officers, with the help of customs and excise officers and officials at PT Pos Bekasi, West Java, delivered the package to the address written on it.

They finally arrested recipient of the package as he made off on his motorcycle carrying four smaller packages, each containing one gram of crystal meth. Police suspect the packages were for distribution.

When questioned the suspect admitted a resident of Cakung, East Jakarta, told him to receive the package, but when the police went to the house in Pulo Gebang, the suspect had bolted.

The 2009 Law on Narcotics stipulates a maximum penalty of death or life imprisonment for importing such drugs.(iwa)

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