Judicial Commission slams
Daming’s rape joke

Muhammad Daming Sanusi: (Tempo//Imam Sukamto)
Muhammad Daming Sunusi: (Tempo//Imam Sukamto)

The Judicial Commission says it deplores Supreme Court justice hopeful Muhammad Daming Sunusi’s statement that some rape cases might involve consensual sex and require more lenient sentences.

Daming expressed this idea during a fit and proper test for Supreme Court justice candidates at the House of Representatives on Monday.

“We regret his statement,” Judicial Commission spokesperson Asep Rahmat Fajar said on Tuesday. “We realize that the fit and proper test is the sole authority of the House of Representatives. Yet, we expect the lawmakers to take such controversial statements into their consideration.”

The commission, which is tasked with recommending Supreme Court justice candidates to the House of Representatives, conceded a mistake in selecting Daming.

According to Asep, Daming passed an overall evaluation during the selection process at the Judicial Commission.

“We never expected that he would have expressed such thoughts in the selection process at the House yesterday [Monday],” Asep said.

The commission is planning to question Daming on whether or not he had breached the judicial code of ethics, Asep added.

This is not the first time for Daming to participate in the selection process.

In 2011, the Judicial Commission submitted Daming name, along with 17 other potential Supreme Court justices to the House. At the time, the House was to select six of them. The commission was initially tasked with selecting 30 candidates to fill 10 Supreme Court vacancies, but it only selected 18 from a total of 107 applicants. Then, Judicial Commission chairman Eman Suparman said after the meeting with House members that his team could not meet the quota, claiming that “the 18 names were all we could get.” (swd)

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