Tangerang to get new stadium

Tangerang regency administration will build a new soccer stadium in Bojong Nangka subdistrict, Kelapa Dua district, this year.

“We have allocated Rp 90 billion (US$9.35 million) from the regency’s budget this year and construction work will start soon,” Soma Atmaja, the head of the regency’s Sports, Culture and Tourism Agency, said on Wednesday.

He said a feasibility study had been completed and a detailed engineering plan for the stadium’s construction on a 12-hectare plot of land had been prepared.

The location was initially earmarked for the construction of a haj dormitory complex.

The new stadium will replace the regency’s old Benteng Soccer Stadium located next to the Tangerang municipal administration center in Tangerang municipality.

Benteng Stadium was to be handed over by the regental administration to the Tangerang municipal administration.

However, the municipal administration is reluctant to pay to compensation for the stadium, leaving its status in dispute. (han)

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