Golkar has to win 35% in
2014, says Ical

Chairman of the Golkar Party and business tycoon Aburizal “Ical” Bakrie instructed all the party's cadres in the executive and legislative bodies in Java to speed up the party's pro-people programs to reach the party's target of 35 percent in the 2014 legislative election.

"All cadres, mainly those in the executive and legislative bodies in Java must work harder and faster in implementing all party programs to convince people in the densely-populated island of the party's seriousness to make changes in 2014-2019 period," he told more than 700 party functionaries from Java in a technical coordination meeting here on Saturday.

Also attending the meeting were the governor of Banten in addition to all regents and mayors belonging to the Golkar party.

Aburizal warned that Java was home to almost 70 percent of voters and 70 percent of 560 contested legislative seats would be allocated to Java and Madura.

"Golkar has to win the majority of votes in Java to enable it to win 35 percent or 195 of 560 seats and to solely nominate him as a 2014 presidential candidate," he said.

Aburizal said Golkar, which called 2013 a strengthening year, had to strengthen its political basis at the grass-roots level, especially in its strongholds in Java, by deploying all lowest-level functionaries to intensify pro-people programs to show that the party cares for the people.

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