Aceng impeachment legal,
says Court

The Constitutional Court (MK) decided on Thursday that the impeachment of Garut Regent Aceng Fikri could proceed.

“We rejected the request of Aceng Fikri. So we call on the Garut Legislative Council and the Home Ministry to proceed with their impeachment move,” MK chief justice Mahfud MD said in a hearing on Thursday.

Aceng has filed a judicial review against the ruling of the Supreme Court, which accepted the Garut Legislative Council move to impeach him.

The Supreme Court has found that Aceng broke his official oath and so the court accepted the impeachment recommended by the council.

The impeachment process started with the council’s letter No. 30/2012 after a meeting on Dec. 21, 2012 accused Aceng of a breach of ethics and of violating Law No. 1/1974 on marriage.

Aceng caused a national uproar after divorcing his 17-year-old “wife” after four days of unregistered Islamic marriage.

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