NTB farmers still suffer
from losses

The farmers’ term of trade (NTP) index published by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) on Friday revealed that farmers in the province continue to suffer from losses. But even though they have very little money, they still manage to survive, mainly from remittance they receive from their family members working as migrant workers abroad.

“Every year, our NTP has never surpassed 100 points from month to month. It means that our farmers have expenses higher than their income. As the result, they suffer from losses and their purchasing power is very weak,” said the province’s BPS chairman Sugarendra in a press conference in Mataram on Friday.

“It is the remittances sent by their family members who work as migrant workers that helps them survive,” he added.

The NTP is a category report which compares the farmers’ income and spending. Farmers can obtain a status of “proper economy” only if their NTP index can reach 100 points at minimum

According to the BPS, the NTP in the province stood at 94.84 point in January this year, down 0.05 from December last year.

Sugarendra said the inflationary pressures in rural areas, partly caused by the increases in the prices of staple food, health care, education, transportation and communication, had led to the downtrend of the NTP in January. Moreover, the price increases for agricultural materials, such as seeds, fertilizers and insecticides, aggravated the situation.(ebf)

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