Teacher allegedly tortures

Hadi, a 48-year-old teacher, is alleged to have tortured one of his students, six-year-old Arjuna Reiky Tamba, claiming that the boy was late in watering flowers at the school. The incident took place in the school located at Perumahan Vidya Indah No.63 in Lingkar Selatan, Jambi Selatan sub-district, Jambi.

Considering the punishment unacceptable, Hotman Pantja Indra Tamba, 46, Arjuna’s father, reported the abuse to police on Thursday. He brought the result of an X-ray examination which showed a bone fracture to his son’s left elbow as evidence of the torture. He also provided the police with evidence showing bruises on Arjuna’s left wrist caused by beating.

“My son’s left elbow is still swollen until now. There is also bruising on his left wrist,” said Pantja, who reported the case to the Jambi police office (Polres).

Arjuna, also known as Kiki, said his teacher had hit him several times using a piece of wood simply because he was late to water flowers at his school.

Pantja hoped that the police would immediately investigate the case.

Speaking separately, the principal of the Yayasan Vidya Indah School, Miske Moza, rejected the allegation, saying that Arjuna had been entrusted to her institution since he was little. “How do you think that we could have the heart to mistreat him?” asked Miske. (ebf)

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