Bali, NTB to launch ferry
connecting Karangasem and

The provincial administrations of Bali and West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) will be collaborating to open a new ferry route to connect passenger ports in Karangasem, Bali, and Ampenan, Lombok, in NTB. It is hoped that the new sea route will accommodate the rapid increase in passengers that travel between the two provinces.

Currently, the sea route between Padangbai and Lembar ports is the only one that connects Bali and Lombok islands.

“Representatives from the Bali Development Planning Board (Bappeda) and the province’s transportation agency as well as officials from the Karangasem local administration just arrived here to convey their good wishes for the development of the new ferry route connecting the ports

in Karangasem in Bali and Ampenan in Mataram. We have discussed the plan,” NTB Transportation Agency's communications and information head, Ridwansyah, said on Tuesday.

He said that Bali and NTB provincial administrations would soon formulate development plans for Amed Port in Karangasem and Ampenan Port in Ampenan.

According to Ridwansyah, it was becoming difficult for the administrations in the two provinces to increase the terminal capacities at the ports in Lembar, West Lombok, and Padangbai in Bali. On the other hand, the flow of passengers through the ports is continuing to rise. The eventual opening of the Karangasem-Ampenan ferry will offer an alternative to people who wish to travel back and forth between Bali and Lombok, in particular between the northern regions of the two islands.(ebf)

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