Anas named suspect: KPK

Democratic Party Chairman Anas Urbaningrum has been named a suspect in a graft case by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), according to a KPK source.

A source with the KPK who declined to be named confirmed the rumor, which has circulated since Thursday night.

"Yes, [Anas] has been named a suspect," he said in a text message to The Jakarta Post on Friday morning.

Speculation had been mounting that the chairman would be removed from his position after he was implicated in several graft scandals.

The scandals include massive misappropriations in the construction of the Rp 1.17 trillion (US$120.72 million) Hambalang sports complex in Bogor, West Java.

Also on Thursday, Muhammad Nazaruddin, the disgraced lawmaker and former party treasurer who was indicted for his role in the Hambalang case, said he had evidence that Anas illicitly used a part of the funds from state-budget-funded projects to finance his party chairmanship bid in 2010.

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