Riau students, activist
urge KPK to arrest Rusli

A mass of students from Riau University’s Executive Student Body (BEM) praised the Corruption Eradication Commission’s (KPK) decision to name Riau governor Rusli Zainal a suspect in the 2012 National Games sporting event (PON) graft case and the Pelalawan graft case, and expected the KPK to detain Rusli immediately.
“It’s a huge move. Therefore, we urge the KPK to immediately detain Rusli Zainal to show they mean business. Besides, we don’t see any reason to do otherwise,” Yopi Pranoto of Riau University’s BEM said on Friday.
He had also expected Rusli to step down immediately after he was named a suspect.
Coordinator of Riau Forests Saver Network, an environmental NGO, Muslim Rasyad expressed similar relief, saying that there was a  bulk of evidence that could prove Rusli’s involvement in graft cases involving forest management.
“But we must closely monitor the investigation of this case because there are still some big players that have not been revealed and that still need to be questioned,” he said.

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