Police claim progress in
probe into Bumi computer

The police expressed optimism about their investigation into the recent hacking of email accounts belonging to publicly-listed coal miner PT Bumi Resources, saying they were making further probes into the coal miner’s stolen data and any links with its business partners.

Police chief spokesman Brig. Gen. Boy Rafli Amar said here on Friday that with further investigation the police would be able to identify the hackers and bring them to the courts.

“The police have made progress in their investigation into the case by tracing the connection between the hijacked data from the computer system and Bumi’s partner companies in our attempt to identify the hacker. However we need a few more days to reveal the results of the digital forensic investigation into ongoing electronic transactions between Bumi and its partner companies,” he said, adding that the theft of the database from Bumi’s computer network was an IT crime.

Bumi Resources belonging to the Bakrie Group reported the hacked email account to the police after its majority shareholder London-listed Bumi plc found financial irregularities in the coal mining company which had not been made public.  

Boy added that the police also investigated all data claimed by whistleblower Nathaniel Rotschild as his and any connection to the data stolen from Bumi.

He said the police would likely send a summons to Rotschild who owned 14 percent of Bumi plc’s shares, to undergo questioning in connection with a further forensic investigation into the stolen data and Rotschild’s findings.

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