Ibas will run as legislator
in 2014

Edhie Baskoro “Ibas” Yudhoyono, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s second son, will run as a legislative candidate of the Democratic Party representing the electoral district of East Java VII in the 2014 elections.

Party treasurer, Sartono Hutomo, confirmed Ibas’s candidacy on Wednesday.

“The Secretary General and I will run as legislative candidates for the electoral district of East Java VII in the 2014 elections,” he said as quoted by Tribunnews.com.

Ibas resigned from the House of Representatives last week following controversy regarding his attendance and tax affairs, saying that he wanted to save the Democratic Party from sinking ahead of the 2014 elections.

Sartono said Ibas’s plan to run was aimed at keeping electoral votes from the East Java VII electoral district he won in the 2009 election. Ibas took more than 300,000 votes from the district which covers Blitar, Kediri and Tulungagung.

There is a high possibility that the Democratic Party chairman, Anas Urbaningrum, will also run again for the House representing East Java VI.

“The party chairman may run as a legislative candidate as well. He obtained quite a huge number of votes in 2009, if I’m not mistaken around 198,000,” he said.

The party trustee Ahmad Mubarok said that if Ibas was elected, he would not sit in the House. Ibas’s plan to run is only aimed at securing the East Java electoral votes because in the district, his votes were the highest among Democratic candidates.

“He will give his votes to the party’s second or third candidate in the electoral district,” he said.

The Democratic Party faction deputy chairman at the House, Sutan Bathoegana, said he knew nothing about Ibas’s candidacy and refused to comment on this issue. (nfk/ebf)

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