Susno refuses to be put
behind bars

Former chief detective Susno Duadji, who has been convicted of graft, said on Thursday that he refused to go behind bars even though the Supreme Court had rejected his appeal.

Susno claimed that a copy of the ruling he received contained many errors and that the Attorney Generals' Office (AGO) had no right to enforce it. "According to the ruling, the Supreme Court has rejected the appeal and ordered me to pay a Rp 2,500 [US$0.26] court administration fee," he said.

He argued that the ruling did not say he should comply to a Jakarta High Court ruling that declared him guilty in March 2011 of accepting bribes and misappropriating election security funds.

The Jakarta High Court sentenced him to three-and-a-half years' imprisonment and fined him Rp 200 million (US$ 20,860) or an additional six months in prison. The court also demanded that within one month he repay the Rp 4 billion in funds he had embezzled.

"The AGO insists on referring to the Jakarta High Court ruling, but the [Supreme Court's ruling] did not address my case," he said.

Susno's lawyer, Fredrich Yunadi, said that he would report several AGO officials who issue a warrant against him based on the flawed Supreme Court's ruling to the National Police.

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