Bandung judge arrested
for bribery

Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) spokesman Johan Budi SP announced on Friday that a team of KPK investigators apprehended a Bandung District Court judge and another person on bribery charges.

Johan identified the judge as Setyabudi Tejocahyono and said he was arrested at his office with a person identified only as A.

The investigators also confiscated a sum of money, which had yet to be counted.

“We will give the details later in the evening,” Johan said.

There has been growing suspicion of bribery in one of the cases currently being heard by the court.

“This is the fruit of cooperation between the KPK and the Supreme Court to eradicate corrupt judges,” Johan added.

Bandung District Court spokesman Djoko Indriarto confirmed the arrest but refused to give details.

A court staff member said Setyabudi was arrested in his chambers when other judges and court staff were attending Friday prayers. (ogi/dic)

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