Witch hunt junket for 60

Despite massive criticism for irrational pronouncements, the House’s legal commission members plan trips to three European countries including Russia to ‘find facts’ for the Criminal Code and Criminal Code Procedures revisions.

The lawmakers will go in four groups of 15, departing between April 14 and 19 to the Netherlands, France, the UK and Russia. Among the facts they hope to find and insight on how to deal the impact of black magic on society.

"Black magic is a part of witchcraft, which has existed everywhere since a long time ago," Achmad Dimyati Natakusumah from the United Development Party (PPP) said on Friday.

"Many people believe in black magic. That's why we need to regulate it to avoid communal judgement," he added. Activists have been asking why the lawmakers intend to put a chapter on black magic into the new codes, arguing that law enforcers would meet serious obstacles in proving the acts had been committed. (dic)

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