N Sumatra police shoot

The Barumun Tengah police had to shoot eight people after they ignored series of warnings. The police say that the shooting was their last resort before the mob ran amok and destroyed their office.

South Tapanuli police chief Adj, Sr. Comr. Abdul Riza Engahu said the police had complied with the regulations and exercised the right procedure.

“We don’t want people to run wild and destroy our office. Several warnings had been given, including shooting rubber bullets as final warning but the situations worsened,” he said on Saturday.

The eight rioters who were injured are identified as Asrian Harahap, 31, Kahar Barungga, 45, Rustam Nasution, 33, Amir Khotip, 52, Huala, 13, Asrul Nasution, 43, Harayan, 58, Sundut, 28.

Asrian Harahap, one of the victims, was reported to be dead on arrival at hospital. He had been shot on his feet, chest and back.

Commenting local figure Erwin Pane said dozens people went to Barumun Tengah police office, asking for the release of three neighbors apprehended during a land dispute.

The police refused to grant their demand and that made the people angry,(dic)

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