'More' expatriate offenders

The number of non-law abiding expatriates is likely to increase in line with the increasing number of expatriates residing in South Jakarta, which harbors the majority of their population in the capital.

South Jakarta Immigration office head Sumardi Maryoto said there are around 6,700 expatriates living in the municipality, the highest number compared to the other five regions in the capital. Most of them live in Kemang, Kalibata, Pondok Indah and Kuningan.

"We can be sure that 10 percent of them will violate [regulations]," he said on Sunday as quoted by kompas.com, adding that violations usually related to living permit and identity document forgery.

The office, he said, found that violations were commonly committed by either expatriates individually, or together with their employers. Every expatriate has to pay Rp 11 million (US$1,133) a year to the Manpower and Transmigration Ministry in levies.

The 2011 Immigration Law carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison or deportation for expatriate offenders.

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