Police to release sketches
of Cebongan assailants

Yogyakarta Police will soon release sketches of two men who allegedly attacked Cebongan prison in Sleman, Yogyakarta.

“One or two sketches will be immediately released. They are the alleged perpetrators who removed their masks while showing a letter [to gain entry into the prison],” said Yogyakarta Police director of crimes Sr. Comr. Kris Erlangga in Yogyakarta on Sunday as quoted by tempo.co.

Kris said the police made the sketches from details supplied by several witnesses. A Cebongan prison guard saw one of the perpetrators' faces through a peephole in the prison’s main entrance door when he pounded on the door.

The man told the prison guard that he was a Yogyakarta Police officer and wanted to take the four detainees with him. He then produced a letter on a Yogyakarta Police letterhead.

Four armed men attacked Cebongan prison on March 23, killing four detainees identified as Adrianus Candra Galaja (Dedi), Gameliel Yermiyanto Rohi Riwu, Hendrik Angel Sahetapy (Deki) and Yohanis Juan Manbait.

The detainees were in custody while being investigated in connection with the killing of First Sgt.Heru Santoso, a former Army Special Forces (Kopassus) commando, three days earlier. (nai/ebf)

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