Akil Mochtar chosen as
new MK chief justice

Constitutional Court (MK) justice Akil Mochtar has been selected as the new chief justice of the court for the period 2013-2015 and will be inaugurated on Friday.

He replaces the former MK chief Justice Mahfud MD who retired on April 1.

“I will take the oath of office on Friday,” he said in Jakarta on Wednesday as quoted by Antara news agency.

Akil said that the selection of the MK chief justice was conducted through a voting process, as there were four justices that were running for the position. After being selected as the MK’s new chief justice, he promised he would lead the institution in a better direction.

“I will bring the MK toward ‘the right track’, toward an MK that is independent and can give equal justice,” said Akil, adding that Mahfud MD congratulated him shortly after he was selected for the new MK chief justice position.

Akil was selected after he received seven votes, beating justice Harjono with only two votes. The voting was led by MK deputy chairman Ahmad Sodiki and went through two rounds before a winner was declared.

In the first round, Akil obtained four votes. Harjono was ranked second with two votes, followed by Hamdan Zoelva with two votes and Arief Hidayat with one vote.

In the second round, Akil received seven votes. Meanwhile, one justice abstained and one vote was deemed invalid.

“With such a result, Bapak M Akil Mochtar was selected as the MK chief justice for 2013-2015,” said Ahmad. (asw/ebf)

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