Jamkesmas has deficiencies,
BPK says

The Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) has found a number of weaknesses in the management and accounting of government-run community health coverage scheme Jamkesmas and regional health insurance Jamkesda in 33 provinces across Indonesia.

“The BPK has concluded that there are significant weaknesses,” BPK head Hadi Poernomo said on Tuesday as quoted by Antara news agency.

Hadi said the weaknesses included the absence of accurate data on beneficiaries and a lack of current data on poor people.

He added that many poor people did not have access to free healthcare services as they were not covered by Jamkesmas and Jamkesda programs.

“Moreover, much of Jamkesmas’ fund distribution, disbursement and accounting procedures have not been implemented in line with the guidelines set in 2010 and 2011,” Hadi said.

Such weaknesses could disrupt efforts to provide poor people with proper health care services, he added.

Meanwhile, the results of the BPK’s investigation of several public hospitals also found inefficiencies in pharmaceutical supplies and service standards.

“The investigation results show that of the total 66 public hospitals examined, only one Regional General Hospital (RSUD) has effectively managed services at its pharmaceutical installation,” said Hadi.

“Moreover, pharmaceutical installation and in-patient and out-patient facilities, which are not in line with the standards, have resulted in non-optimal services,” said Hadi.(asw/ebf)

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