More migrant workers involved
in drug smuggling

The head of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Narcotics Agency (BNP NTB), Sr.Comr.Mufti Djufnir, said on Tuesday that a new smuggling tactic involving migrant workers posed serious challenges in the fight against drugs.

“We received a report on April 5, saying that a migrant worker from NTB was arrested in Riau Islands when attempting to smuggle drugs. It’s a new tactic. The migrant worker had swallowed capsules filled with drugs,” he said in a meeting on Tuesday.

Similar cases also occurred in East Java’s Surabaya and Yogyakarta this month in which migrant workers arriving from Malaysia were arrested with drugs. East Java sends the highest number of migrant workers abroad, followed by NTB.

“There are efforts by drug syndicates to use migrant workers to smuggle drugs into our country, and this has to be anticipated,” said Mufti.

Data from the NTB Manpower Agency show that 38,000 migrant workers from the province went abroad, mostly to Malaysia, in 2012, down from 52,000 in 2011.

Mufti said other tactics were also being used to distribute drugs, such as selling them in the form of beauty products, food supplements, diet pills and aphrodisiac drugs.

“In this tactic, the drug syndicates are no longer selling pure narcotics such as heroine or crystal methamphetamine but their derivatives, which have more dangerous effects,” he said. (asw/ebf)

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