RI learns intellectual
property rights from China

A delegation of officials led by Law and Human Rights Minister Amir Syamsuddin visited Beijing, China, to talk about the protection of intellectual property rights.

Amir and his delegation met with Chinese Deputy Law Minister Sujun Zhang, State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) commissioner Tian Lipu, and All China Patent Attorneys Association (ACPAA) head Perry Wu Yang.

In his meeting with Yang, Amir asked how ACPAA dealt with intellectual property rights in China.

“The minister and the Chinese officials discussed the role of intellectual property consultants in China. They also talked about Indonesia’s consultants, particularly their litigation skills,” a statement by the Indonesian embassy in Beijing read.

Cooperation with China is important given that Indonesia-China free trade agreements have led to an influx of Chinese products into Indonesia.

The meeting was part of the 2005 Indonesia-China Strategic Partnership Joint Declaration.

The delegation has departed for Shanghai to visit the customs office and meet with officials in the city. (ebf)

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