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Soldier arrested on murder

The Military Police Detachment (Denpom) IV/5 Semarang has interviewed six witnesses about alleged torture that led to the death of Rido Hehanusa, 34, reportedly involving an soldier.

Denpom IV/5 chief Lt. Col. Tri Wahyuningsih said the investigation followed a report filed by Rido’s friend to Denpom on Thursday evening.

“We are still checking if the report is true,” Tri said, while declining to reveal the identity of the six witness, or whether they were members of the Indonesian Military (TNI).

Tri also said that if the perpetrator was a soldier, the case would be followed up according to prevailing procedures.

According to Rido’s friend, Charles Sopakua, the perpetrator was a member of the 400th/Banteng Raider infantry battalion of the IV/Diponegoro Military Command. “[Rido] was taken from E-Plaza in a cab to BR [Banteng Raider],” he said.

Earlier, Rido was reportedly involved in a fight with a soldier at the Liquid Cafe in Semarang, on Wednesday evening. He was later met by a person who was allegedly a member of the TNI at E-Plaza early on Thursday.

A family member, Lusia Siahaya, said Rido was found dead with injuries and bruises all over his body.

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