Jakarta Fair may move to
Monas next year

The city administration is mulling options of new venues that could host the Jakarta Fair, one of the biggest fairs in Indonesia, which is held during the month marking the capital's anniversary.

"It might be Monas [National Monument in Central Jakarta] or Ancol [North Jakarta], we haven't decided yet. Whichever, the Jakarta Fair should be able to accommodate small and medium enterprises and be a festive occasion," Governor Joko "Jokowi" Widodo told reporters in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Jokowi pointed out that the implementation of Regional Creative Products Week (PPKD) to be held at Silang Monas from Friday to Sunday, would be a trial.

"We will hold the regional creative products week at Silang Monas this year, as a potential site for the new Jakarta Fair that includes small and medium enterprises.

"We want to see how many booths Monas can accommodate, what kind of businesses suit the venue, as well as the capacity of the parking lot and other economic calculations," Jokowi said.

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