First Lady goes ballistic
on Instagram, again

First Lady Ani Yudhoyono has once again directed her anger toward one of her followers on the popular photo- and video-sharing social networking service Instagram, this time it was because of a comment on her son's sartorial taste.

In one of Ani's Instagram updates, she posted a photo showing her son Eddhie Baskoro “Ibas” Yudhoyono, his wife Alia Rajasa and their son Airlangga Satriadhi Yudhoyono. In the photo, Ibas was seen wearing a long sleeved shirt.

One of the First Lady's followers, known by her Instagram handler @devi_tri, who apparently noticed Ibas' penchant for wearing long-sleeved shirts, commented on the photo: “Mas Ibas always wears long sleeves,” she said.

The First Lady quickly responded by saying: “Do you have a problem with that? Long sleeves or short sleeves; each person has his or her own taste as long as he or she is comfortable with that.”

In October, the First Lady was irritated by one of her followers for criticising her decision to wear batik shirt for a stroll on the beach.

Ani called her follower “stupid” for making the comment.

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